A New Family

Chantrea is banned from home by her sons when they discover she has HIV. She accepts her exile, even though supporting her family was the reason she was working as a prostitute. She starts [...]

A Pedal Man

The film depicts the daily life of Ta Chab, the sixty-year-old ‘rickshaw‘ driver and his efforts to earn a few dollars a day. The first ‘rickshaws’ appear in 1936 in the streets of Phnom Penh to [...]

A Scale Boy

Fourteen-year-old Chan Sory studies classical Cambodian music at the Center of Cambodian Living Arts. Abandoned by his father after his birth, he is now alone after his mother disappeared, unable [...]

The Wanderers

After surviving 30 years of war and being refugees for 15 years, 380 000 Cambodians were repatriated in 1992 to their homeland from the Thai borders refugee camps. Some of them were resettled in [...]

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