About Cambodia Film Commission

The Cambodia Film Commission is a non-profit organization dedicated to the film professionals (both local industry and foreign shootings). By acting as consultant and intermediary and by providing professional assistance, the CFC helps to make things easier for teams that choose Cambodia to shoot their films.

The CFC missions

Inaugurated in 2009, the Cambodian Film Commission (CFC) is a project under the framework of the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia.

Its mission is double:

On the international level, it aims:

To promote Cambodia as a Film destination:

  • Developing international cooperation and exchanges in the film sector,
  • Representing Cambodia in major festivals and markets such as: Busan IFF, Hong Kong Film Mart, Cannes Festival, India, TIFFCOM, etc.

To facilitate film production in Cambodia, delivering a wide range of information and services, such as:

  • Easing administrative process (general permit, local permits, custom clearance)
  • Pre scouting of filming locations
  • Sourcing and coordinating human resources (film crew, actors, directors…)
  • Linking foreign professionals with reliable local professionals
  • Logistics (hotel, catering, transportation)

On the national level,
it aims:

To develop the film sector in Cambodia, through supporting local filmmakers:

  • Markets for domestic films through international festivals (CIFF, CSFF, NSFF, CNFF)
  • Training courses, workshops, masterclasses to increase crew skills,  international workshop and training opportunities (FLY, Malaysia New Wave, Asia Doc, AFA, AFIS.)
  • Film equipment, office facilities
  • Consultation
  • Industry events, filmmakers networking Hub

And more recently, the CFC has been cooperating on the Collective Agreement of Audiovisual Production, combining international and local criteria.

Potential cooperation

If you are interested in any of the missions listed above, whether you would like to request our services or offer yours, feel free to contact us.

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