Preparing the shoot

Film equipment

You can import temporary shooting equipment from oversea, tax free (see the “Temporary Import License” section.

You can also consider renting equipment in Cambodia as there is now a number of rental houses to source filming equipment. Contact the CFC to check what equipment can be rented in the country.

Film Crew

The CFC can provide and recommend local film crew according to your needs. The CFC can put you in contact with crews who have been working on international productions, some of them have over 20 years of experience.
Cambodia cannot provide all key crew but can supply experienced Assistants for all departments, that includes: A.D., A.C., Casting Assistant, Location Scout, Location Manager, Gaffer, Grip, Hair and Make-up, Art department, Wardrobe, Production Assistant, Production Administration, and Specialty crew, etc.


Over the years, Cambodia has hosted demanding projects with ambitious Art department constructions. The local Art department crews have learnt from recognized international Art Directors and built villages, farms, villas, jails, barracks, military base camps, bars, restaurants, resorts etc.
The CFC can advise you on the possibilities and know-how in regard with your project’s requirements.

Production vehicle/trucks

CFC can organize production vehicles and transportation needs for filming. Please contact us for more details.

Contact Us

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