Lonely and isolated in Australia, Simon, a middle aged Australian man travels to Cambodia searching for love. Once there, Simon begins a fragile self exploration as he is confronted by his sexual [...]


Sopheap is a psychotic man who can see ghosts trying to kill him. Vichet has to stay close to Sopheap. Every time Sopheap runs into trouble, the two will change their work place to conceal the [...]

The witch

The story takes place during the Longvek era. Raj, a tycoon, and Tep Leak, his wife and pregnant with two kids, live in harmony until one fateful day. Raj gets cut and a benign wound leads to [...]

The Healing

Kuoch Kim Nguon was a brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather, and above all a hero to all his family members, until the Khmer Rouge killed him at age 69. Hoping to pay tribute to his uncle, [...]

Where I Go

San Pattica is a mixed Cambodian-Cameroonian son whose father came to work in Cambodia in 1992-1993, a period of the first Cambodia election after the Khmer Rouge regime collapsed. Since his [...]

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