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IndieForum is a non-competitive film forum focusing on cultural diversity and expanding independent cinema since 1996. Organized by independent Korean Filmmakers, the IndieForum 2018 will be held on 7-15 June, 2018 in Seoul, South Korea.

For the 20-year history of the forum, it is very rare to see the presence of non Korean films invited to this event, but this year two Cambodian movies by a young talented independent filmmaker Davy Chou are selected.

Diamond Island, a film about an adolescent who leaves rural Cambodia to become a construction worker only to be reunited with his missing older brother, and Golden Slumber, a 100-minute documentary about the memories of Cambodian veteran filmmakers and actors/actresses between 1960s and 1975, will be showcased on June 13, 2018 in Seoul cinema. In addition, Mr. Davy Chou is invited to the event as honorary Indie filmmaker as well.

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