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New Cambodian Cinema will be presented at the Hong Kong Independent Film Festival from 25 to 27 January 2018 with the screening of three feature films and three short films that have been shot in Cambodia. These selected films involve with the main concept related to the history and development of Cambodia.

  1. Waxing Moon directed by Andrien Genoudet documents the making of a sculpture that is meant to be the first public memorial of the Khmer Rouge genocide, and the controversy that follows. It explores the meaning of art to the people who have lived through trauma and suffering.
  2. Turn Left Turn Right directed by Douglas Seok tells the story about a young, free-spirited Cambodian woman in her 20s, lives in modern-day Phnom Penh, working multiple jobs and choosing to live how she pleases. However, her daydreaming creates tension with her traditional mother, who wants a daughter that will settle down to get married.
  3. Dream Land directed by Steve Chen features the story of a career-driven woman in her late 20s in the developing metropolis of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She is thriving as a top real estate agent as her goal career, but in her personal life, her relationship with her photographer boyfriend is deteriorating. The film elaborates how she manages to escape the trauma and prison of her interior monologue.
  4. Three Wheels, short film by Kavich Neang tells the story about a tuk-tuk driver’s decision to face the unspoken realities of his marriage from the Khmer Rouge regime.
  5. Goodbye Phnom Penh, short film by Kavich Neang features the story of a young couple spending their last day together in the Capital of Phnom Penh before one of them has to return home to her own country.
  6. Cambodia 2099, short film by Davy Chou, is the story about two friends telling each other about the dreams they had the night before related to Phnom Penh Capital.

Since its creation in 2008, Hong Kong Independent Film Festival has the purpose to promote independent films of world cinema and to provide alternative film selection to local audience. Meanwhile, this festival is taking place from 15 to 28 January 2018.

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