Mr. Khemara SUNFilm Commissioner

    Completed his Master in Business Management, Khemara SUN joined Cambodia Film Commission in 2016 and later appointed as Film Commissioner until now. As a major pillar of CFC, he is in charge of supervising international projects including foreign production, advocacy, networking with national and international professionals and international scale events.

    He has been facilitating numerous foreign film projects shooting in Cambodia on various areas including pre-production, administrative procedures and production management. He is also committed to domestic film production support and development, and supervise local film crew database.

    Building up human resources is another major task. He has organized many short and long term workshops for local film crew in order to improve skills and keep up with international production standard. More than 20 sessions ranking from pre-production to post production have been organized, mentored by national and international high-level film professionals.

    He also served as festival coordinator in the Cambodia International Film Festival, the largest film industry event in the Kingdom of Cambodia gathering over 20K audience yearly.

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