Risking Light

Dawn Mikkelson’s Risking Light is a meditation on forgiveness, layered with a theme that is rarely seen on the screen—forgiving the unforgivable. Five years prior to making the film, Mikkelson [...]

Music Mission

The pioneering edutainment series "Music Mission" features storylines around mother and child healthcare following the adventures of a group of musicians and health professionals who set off on a [...]

La gravité

Polen shows his talent for telling unusual stories with a stripped-down maturity unusual in one so young. Poetically, he describes his observations of little details in everyday life and opens [...]


The 2011 New Year celebration at the Ratchaprasong Junction in Bangkok. This is where demonstrators’ protests were violently crushed a few months earlier, with more than 100 people ending up [...]

Still I Strive

Still I Strive is a story of transcendence through compassion, unity and hope. At one orphanage in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the performing arts are the path to healing and transformation. Guided by [...]

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