Cambodia is a movie country by tradition, particularly thanks to its "King Cinematographer", HM Norodom Sihanouk, who produced more than 30 movies since 1965, to the stunning Golden Age in the 60's and the director Rithy Panh whose films are well known and awarded several times in prestigious festivals such as Cannes (People of the Rice Fields, S 21, the Burnt Theater).

Cambodia offers a diversity of potential film locations : its marvelous rice field landscapes; the famous and incredible Angkor temples (World Heritage); the genuinely authentic charm of its towns; the riverbanks of the Tonle Sap and the Mekong, or places still unknown: pagodas and Angkorian temples whose magic provides the inspiration for new stories.

Cambodia is also a window on Asia, in a traditional way as well as a resolutely modern one, scarred by History but strong, thanks to its glorious past and its dynamic youth. After the symbol of Angkor succeeds the one of Phnom Penh, amazing city through its discontinuous rhythm and an architectural unity. The image of "the Land of the Smiles" shines in towns and on the countryside, through a blend of joy of life and seriousness that illuminates the faces captured by pictures.

The CFC is here to help you open the gate to the Kingdom, and provides you with professionnal and reliable information to prepare and shoot your project in a film friendly environment.


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